Our Mission

Shanghai Beer Week began in 2012 with the purpose of celebrating local craft beer, also known as ‘better beer’, in our fair city of Shanghai, China. As residents of Shanghai ourselves, and as organizers, we enjoy the unique personalities and dynamics of the local beer scene.

With that in mind, we know that there is great potential to celebrate ‘better beer’ in the city. Although we are very familiar with the craft beer scene in Shanghai and its strong network of followers, many might not even know of its existence.

By devoting an entire week to ‘better beer,’ we can bring new followers into the fold by introducing flavorful and interesting beer in a completely new environment, whether it be a food pairing, a brewery tour or a beer tasting.

Shanghai Beer Week is also the buildup to the Sinan Mansions Beer Festival – the grand finale that brings together the entire beer community. It is the perfect opportunity for the people of Shanghai to enjoy some of the best beer and food that the city has on offer while sharing the great atmosphere in an outdoor festival.

Beer Cruise

Friday May 20

350RMB Pre-event

400RMB Day of event

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need tickets for Shanghai Beer Week?

A: For most events, no. Many of the events for SHBW simply require a person to buy a beer, or take part in a beer and food special hosted by one of our many participating venues. However, some events with limited space require reservations in advanced and will be stated as such on their events page. The only event that requires tickets as of now is the Shanghai Beer Week Kickoff Brew Cruise.

Q: What is the Sinan Mansions Beer Festival? Is it part of Shanghai Beer Week?

A: The Third Annual Sinan Mansions Beer Festival is the final event for this year’s SHBW. Many venues that held events during SHBW, and some that did not, will come together for a large party at Sinan Mansions to celebrate beer with food, music and fun. Much like most other SHBW events, there are no advanced tickets needed!

Q: How does the payment system for the Sinan Mansions Beer Festival work?

A: Each vendor occupies their own booth space and sells their beer/food for cash. The prices vary, but most beers will be sold for 30 rmb for a 350 ml serving. The food options are diverse with price increments of 25, 50 or 75 rmb.

Q: How many people will attend the Sinan Mansions Beer Festival?

A: In 2012 approximately 2000 people attended despite rainy weather. We’re optimistic for better weather in 2013 and have added a second day for the beer festival. We’ve included more vendors in 2013 and will occupy 3 different zones within the Sinan Mansions complex. We’re anticipating a crowd of 6,000-8,000 people over the 2-day beer festival.

Q: How do I participate in future SHBW events or beer festivals in Shanghai?

A: You can contact the organizing committee for Shanghai Beer Week regarding participation in 2014. Several other beer festivals occur in Shanghai throughout the year and the Shanghai Beer Week website will serve as a beer portal site outside of Shanghai Beer Week itself. We’re happy to provide contacts and help grow the craft beer or “better beer” community in Shanghai!